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At Global Security Vision we are serious about security. The cost of crime effects us in many ways, including increased insurance premiums, loss of stock or cash and disruption to trading, not to mention the human cost of foregone safety.  Being serious about security is the only solution; discovering and utilising more efficient security is logical, both at home and in business.

GSV uses an innovative application of proven technology to provide you with the reliable security solutions This is done via LIVE CCTV  monitoring by trained surveillance specialists. Direct live surveillance is for those that are serious about security. Direct observation is the best way to ward off attack, there is nothing better than open full time surveillance to “warn off” the potential criminal, there is nothing better than immediate detection and identification to solve random or deliberate attack and prevent loss and /or damage to invaluable property.  The threat of detection and identification at the point of the criminal act or earlier is the greatest fear for the criminal. Previously the expensive nature of live monitoring made it prohibitive for home and small and medium businesses to use, but now with advances in technology, we are able to offer our clients the same service at a more affordable cost.

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